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Fast and Reliable

My garage door was stuck closed, again. This was the 4th time this year and the company which installed the unit kept fixing it , at my expense, but could not get it to work properly. Once reliable door and gate came and fixed the issue it has yet to have any issues. Shawn explained the issue was with an internal electrical problem of some sort and it should not short out again.

It was nice to see a business that makes an effort to be on time, reasonably priced and fix things for good rather then patching things. Great job...

n49 Vancouver , BC May 2, 2011

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Excellent As Always!

It's not often that one needs to contact a professional for assistance with their garage door, but it's excellent to call the business we used years ago in our previous home, and find out that they still provide swift and reliable service at a reasonable price. Thank you Reliable Door and Gate!

Wendy Station Vancouver , BC June 25, 2011

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Excellence Service

Excellent Service! Refreshing! Our overhead door springs snapped on a Friday evening, Reliable was onsite within an hour of our initial call Saturday morning. When he arrived on site, he noted the springs used on our door were custom. He made a call and was able to get the custom springs within minutes and had the door up and running shortly after. Definitely recommend Reliable Door + Gate to family, friends and business colleagues for residential and commercial work.

NA Vancouver , BC May 16, 2012

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Honest & Reliable Like The Name

Shawn was honest and did a great job and I was billed fairly!! So nice to find someone you didn't take advantage of a bad situation!!

Repaired my garage door and will keep this contact for future references and will highly recommend to friends.

n49 Vancouver , BC May 17, 2012

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Prompt and Efficient and Pleasant

Prompt and efficient and pleasant. The only thing that would have made them 5 star would have been if they had offered to sweep up. It wasn't a mess, so no big deal.

Mrs. Clarke Vancouver , BC May 18, 2012

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Done On Time And Within Quote

Awesome service. Can't tell you how many times I have had the run around and shotty jobs before I used this company. Expert advice, listens to your needs and offers affordable options with integrity. Its was a pleasure to have done business with this company and now I refer all my business associates, family and friends. Can't go wrong!!! Vancouver , BC May 25, 2012

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Very Competent Repair Job

Very competent job by Lorne on a tricky old garage door. Reasonable price and I would certainly recommend this company.

n49 Vancouver , BC June 14, 2012

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Great Service

You came to fix our garage door today and we wanted to thank you. Your service was excellent. The staff were efficient, on time and did great work.
Thank you so much!

n49 Vancouver , BC July 12, 2012

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You never plan for your garage door to break down so when it does stop working you need it fixed and fast. After calling a couple different garage door repair services, I decided to go with Reliable Door & Gate. They were competitively priced, they where on site within a short time frame. When I called in I was treated very well on the phone - very courteous and good customer service - he made sure I knew the name of the the employee who would be showing up at my house. Once onsite, again great customer service, and he had my door up and working in no time.

tmkyvr Vancouver , BC July 16, 2012

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Well Done

Sean did an awesome job and went out of his way to provide the immediate service we needed. Thank you.

NA Vancouver , BC July 18, 2012

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First Rate Small Business

I love to support local small businesses, and this is definitely one to support in my opinion. So nice to hear a 'real' voice at the other end when one calls with a problem. My garage door was fixed within 3 hours of my calling, at a reasonable price, and with knowledgeable and courteous service. Will definitely pass their number on to my friends.

n49 Vancouver , BC August 12, 2012

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Shawn is a good guy who does good work at a fair price. And when he was delayed he phoned to let me know.

NA Vancouver , BC September 14, 2012

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Truly Reliable

Excellent, excellent service. Thank you very much Shawn for fixing our garage door so quickly. Your honesty and helpfulness are very much appreciated. We will certainly recommend your company to all our friends and others. Thanks again and keep up your good work.

kc1 Vancouver , BC September 14, 2012

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Don Tranter

Quick service, pleasant and helpful service man, next time we have a problem we will call them again Vancouver , BC September 22, 2012

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Punctual, communicative, good pricing.

I called Shawn on a Sunday afternoon with a garage door half open due to cable issues. Shawn said his technician would arrive at our home at 8:00 Monday morning. The technician arrived as planned. Excellent dialogue with the technician regarding the problem, very polite with excellent door knowledge. Fixed the problem within an hour and serviced the door.

Punctual, communicative, good pricing. Doesn't get any better. Great company.

Gary Logan Vancouver , BC September 25, 2012

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Thank you so much for your fast and friendly repair service

n49 Vancouver , BC September 25, 2012

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The Company That You Can Count On

Thank you so much for having Lorne coming out within an an hour of calling to repair my garage door this afternoon, I really appreciate it.
In my opinion that's great customer service, someone coming to rescue us when we're having an emergency such as this. I couldn't pick up my kids from school today because of the broken garage door. But at least it's fixed now. 🙂 Vancouver , BC October 31, 2012

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Reliable Door and Gate

Prompt, professional, personal service. Definitely reliable

n49 Vancouver , BC January 4, 2013

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Excellent Quality & Service

Thank you Shawn & team!
We used Reliable Door and Gate on our last project, and will certainly use them again. Their service was prompt, professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. They were willing and able to work out some custom details, and their overall quality was excellent.

Bakken Construction Ltd. Vancouver , BC January 10, 2013

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Shawn and Lorne were very friendly, efficient and honest when they came to our home last Thursday. Lorne worked on our garage door spring while Shawn did maintenance on our 2 patio doors rollers. They called to say when they were on their way and were very accurate with their timing. We were very pleased with their work and would not only recommend them to others, but use them again in the future. Their prices seemed reliable and honest as well. Excellent service overall. Thanks again!

NA Vancouver , BC January 29, 2013

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The service was excellent. They promised to arrive at 3 pm, and were right on time. The repair job was done quickly and efficiency. Care was taken with the repair, and it was obvious that the repair was done by someone knowledgeable. The best compliment I could give them was that I would certainly have them again - in fact they will be returning to repair my gate.

notmrfixit Vancouver , BC February 27, 2013

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Garage Door Repair

Response time was fast, service was efficient and knowledgable, and prices fair

n49 Vancouver , BC March 1, 2013

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Great Service!

When I was helped by Shawn and Lorne, I was met with a great deal of professionalism and efficiency. I appreciated their hard work and dedication, meeting my repair needs and I was satisfied with their assistance. Vancouver , BC March 23, 2013

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My husband and I were very happy with the service from Lorne and Shawn. They were both professional and efficient. We received good advise from them regarding future repairs and / or maintenance. We would definitely recommend their services to our friends and family.

NA Vancouver , BC August 22, 2013

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Garage Door Repair

This company is awesome! Lorne came to meet us at my aunt's home in West Vancouver. He immediately knew what he needed to do to repair a door that was warped and a window that was broken...all for a very fair price...when a competitor had advised my aunt that she needed to replace the entire door at a very high cost by comparison. It was a treat to find such an ethical business. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone needing any service they provide. Senior citizens can be sure that this company is one to trust.

n49 Vancouver , BC October 10, 2013

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Reliable and Courteous

Had the garage door opener replaced last week and the installation was handled expertly. The technician, Lorne, arrived on site at the promised hour and proceeded with the work while courteously answering the questions I posed. He even strengthen some of the brackets that hold the side guardrails when he found them wanting. He walked me through how to program the controls at the end of the installation.

n49 Vancouver , BC March 10, 2014

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Excellent Reliable Service

I had my garage door springs replace more than 2 years ago by Reliable. One of the spring broke loose from the bracket last Sunday. Shawn came on Monday right on time as scheduled. Fixed the problem in 15 min. Didn't charge anything.
Very friendly, courteous and honest bussiness. Will not hesitate to recommend to any people. Vancouver , BC April 4, 2014

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Quick and Friendly

We just had Reliable come and service our garage door this morning and the service was
quick and the servicemen was really friendly. He said he would be here at 8am and he was! There have been times I have waited for a service from other companies and they are very behind schedule. He didn't try and tell me that we needed to get a new motor ASAP, he explained that eventually they all stop working and when it does what they offer. Shawn even told me to explain to my two small boys how dangerous garage doors are. I thought that was very thoughtful.

We will call Reliable again no doubt about it. Vancouver , BC April 16, 2014

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Residential Garage Door Servicing.

Good friendly service. Did not take much time and I would recommend Reliable Door and Gate.

Lorne handled the job and was friendly and knowledgeable.


Ken Vancouver , BC April 24, 2014

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Brilliant Service!

5pm: Garage door spring broke preventing the door from opening, car stuck inside.
6pm: Called Shawn, explained the issue & set up an appointment for the next morning.
8am: Lorne arrives right on time and gets to work confidently.
9am: Finished, door can open & close again! (Also explained about future maintenance)

Honestly couldn't have asked for a better experience, thanks Lorne & Shawn - brilliant service!

n49 Vancouver , BC May 2, 2014

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Honest, Punctual and Very Reliable…

I am very happy to meet Shawn the owner of Reliable Door & Gate.
I become his customer in my life time. He is honest, punctual and very reliable and professional.
Shawn’s product knowledge is superb.

I am very happy with the work he did for my garage door.

n49 Vancouver , BC August 16, 2014

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Service from Reliable was really fantastic. I called Sean and he was very accomodating, came to our house quickly and did a great job. Very professional. Recommend Reliable to anyone considering service in the future.

Joe Vancouver , BC August 22, 2014

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Our strata was looking for a solution to our very noisy garage door-and we found Shawn who is great. He recommended a new motor and guaranteed it would be much quieter than our current one(which we had worked on a number of times with our previous company to no avail-and much money!). Shawn installed the new motor and we are very happy! It is whisper quiet and owners living above the door say they can now sleep! After 3+ years of trying lots of "solutions" we are so pleased. Shawn-you rock!

NA Vancouver , BC November 10, 2014

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honest company…

we are very impressed with the honest service. there was no trying to sell you something that didn't need fixing. quick service. very good pricing. would recommend this company to our friends for sure.

amrianah halim surrey , bc November 24, 2014

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Amazing Garage Door Service

Great service! Vancouver , BC December 16, 2014

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I'm in the construction industry but don't get involved with garage doors, so when my door spring broke I didn't have a contact . I did a search like most people, found Reliable's site and called early on a Saturday morning. Shawn answered, understood the issue immediately, and said he could stop by in about an hour or so. He showed up on time, had the parts on his truck, and only took about half an hour to replace the broken spring. Fair price, great service, and a happy customer writing a review. All within a few hours of my original call. Thanks for the job well done, Pat in Lynn Valley.

Pat North Vancouver , BC January 31, 2015

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